“I just wanted to thank you for all the many wonderful things you have done for mom and ME!! Ya’ll are truly amazing women who work lots of magic with fantastic outcomes! I could never have done it without you…no way, no how! I started this process for just a minute thinking….oh I don’t need move managers, I’m sure I can handle it! HA! I am a true advocate of what you do and would be glad to tell everyone going through this process that you are a MUST HAVE! You were all so sensitive and sweet to Mom’s wants and needs and I appreciate that more than you know.  As you know this is a difficult phase in life and you have helped so much in making this a very, very nice transition!

I went over last night and just walked around in awe of how wonderful everything looks! I took a video to send to my brother and sister of which they loved! The foyer came together with the mirrors, love the collage of pic’s over the guest room beds, the family album over mom’s desk is sweet….everything is just comfortable and I know Mom is going to love it!”