“I cannot make this move on my own. I have so much to think about.”

Change is unsettling for most of us. This change might be a need to scale down possessions and move to a smaller, more efficient space and thus a need to sort and sell or donate. ChangingSpaces Move Managers will customize your plan according to your needs and timeline.

Moving is stressful and is emotionally and physically draining. Just thinking about sorting through many years of accumulated stuff can be overwhelming and paralyzing. ChangingSpaces is here to help you in a caring and respectful way. We have the organizational skills and resources to make a move run efficiently while being able to work through years of possessions and memories. An initial consultation will provide a great deal of information. Together, we will make a plan that is manageable and that fits your needs and your budget.

An overall plan can include: sorting, organizing, packing, the hiring and overseeing of a mover, staging a home to sell, donating or selling unwanted possessions and unpacking with great attention to detail. You decide how much or how little you need. And when everything is unpacked , your new home will be completely ready for living – clocks set, pictures hung, beds made and no boxes.

  1. “I cannot make this move on my own. I have so much to think about.”
  2. “My parents need help, but so does my family. I am caught in the middle.”
  3. “I need help to get organized so I can stay in my home. How can I do that?”
  4. “We need to list our house but we have too much clutter. Where do we start?”