You decide which ones are important to you.

Overall plan with an experienced consultant: Dedicated consultant who will help oversee the work and the detail of your project.
Floor plan:  We take measurements of your furniture and work with you on a floor plan of your new home to place your things so that it is comfortable and safe.
Sort, Organize and Declutter: Hands-on help assisting in decision making and downsizing so you will save money on your move. Shredding services can also be coordinated
Arrange and Coordinate Movers: We make recommendations, interview, coordinate movers before and during a move, coordinate crew size, elevator availability, stops, and all other move day details.
Pack, Unpack and Resettle: We carefully pack your belongings, taking pictures along the way so that we can recreate a familiar environment upon unpacking.
Selling or Donating Belongings: ChangingSpaces can help arrange for the profitable sale of unneeded items by working with estate sales professionals, antique dealers, consignment shops. With our network of donation points we can coordinate pick-ups by local charities. Detailed lists of donated items will be provided for tax records.
Staging a home to prepare it for showing: Using furniture already in the home, ChangingSpaces can assist with reorganizing the furniture and décor
After the Move: ChangingSpaces can assist with shopping and errands as needed
Scanning of photos and documents:  Take hundreds of your favorite pictures and convert them to digital photo albums or disks.